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It’s true that introverted guys can find it hard to get girls and this happens a lot in reality. The introverted (like myself) can relate to the fact that a lot of girls think you’re a boring guy in general. This isn’t necessarily true of you.

The truth is that introverts usually are exciting and entertaining people. Introverts usually engage better after getting close to someone. This in-turn makes people think that you’re boring when you don’t have a close relationship with them.

Do Girls Think Introverted Guys Are Boring?

Do girls think introverted guys are boring?

I’ll start by saying that being boring is relative. What’s boring to one person might not be boring to the next.

Some girls say that they find introverted guys attractive and that’s their spec. From my little experience, I’ve seen that majority of girls are likely to find you boring as an introvert.

Reasons Why Girls Think You’re A Boring Guy As An Introvert

Girls in general like adventure and they also get bored easily. Extroverted guys seem more exciting, likable and are easier to figure out. This is why girls often go prefer when a guy is outspoken.

As an introverted guy, you might have a lot to offer to any girl but she won’t know this. This is because you’re usually quiet and unresponsive. The awkwardness around girls doesn’t help as well.

Conversations between girls and extroverted guys also usually flows well. This is because these extroverted guys have a lot of practice. The same cannot be said about introverts. Conversations between girls and introverts are usually awkward and well… “boring”.

The good news is that these ‘flaws’ can be helped with few tips some of which are mentioned in this post.


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How To Become Less Boring To Girls As An Introverted Guy

What to do when girls think you’re a boring guy

A lot of people will advise an entire change of personality for introverts just to get girls. I will not advise it.

There’s nothing wrong in being introverted but a few tricks can help you get the best of both worlds. Here are my tips that you can use to look less boring to girls as an introvert:

1. Be More Expressive, Staying Quiet Always Is Perceived As Boring

One of the reasons why girl’s think you’re boring as an introverted guy is they rarely know what’s on your mind. I personally found that talking more and expressing yourself more is a way to become more interesting to people.

This might be your nightmare as an introvert but being expressive is important. It’s good to let other people know what’s on your mind. This helps you become more involved in conversations and makes you more likable.

It’s also a way of giving yourself a personality. Being quiet all the time can make you look boring (not just to girls). As hard as it seems, try to become more expressive and share your thoughts to others.

2. Own Your Introversion

Being an introvert is nothing to be ashamed of. Letting people know this about you will help ease some of the tension that you go through. People who deserve to be around you won’t mind that you’re introverted.

Another thing to note is that a lot of girls are more attracted to quiet guys. The mystery behind an introvert is something that a lot of girls like. They want to know what’s on your mind. It’s only boring when you’re too quiet and bland.

Being an introvert is part of your personality and you have to embrace it. This will show anyone that you’re confident in who you are and that’s attractive.

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3. Go Out More

I’m sorry but staying at home all day is only certifying your status as a boring guy. Girls love adventure and excitement. You can’t offer this from your couch at home or from your bed. This is why girls may think you’re a boring guy.

You don’t have to do too much but you have to try to go out once in a while. You could go on a walk, to a concert, an event, a party, or even go visit a friend once in a while. This also gives you moments to post on your social media to improve your social presence.

Do this to show that at least you have fun once in a while. This is something that will make you interesting and less boring to any girl. If a girl already likes you, this is also going to make her like you even more.

4. Use Your Strengths In Conversations

As an introvert, I can tell you that we are the best listeners out there. This is because we’re not really good at leading conversations. So, we let you do most of the talking. The good news for us is that every girl loves a good listener 😌.

Paying attention whenever a girl talks to you is a way to win her over. This is common social courtesy but a lot of guys mess this up.

As an introvert, you can also ask her questions to try to know her better and hear her side of any story. Allowing her talk more will also make the conversation more comfortable for you.

5. Practice Conversations With Others

One social skill that introverts are often terrible at is engaging in conversations (talking). This is where practicing with friends and other people can help you out.

You need to get familiar with one-on-one conversations with other people (as an introvert). You also need to work on group conversations as well. This will help with your awkwardness in such situations. Awkwardness in conversations can make girls think you’re a boring guy.

Practicing will also help you become more expressive (as mentioned earlier).

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6. Don’t Be “Too Nice”

Hear me out guys. I’m not telling you to be a jerk or a bad person. At the same time, girls like guys that can challenge them.

Introverted guys have a tendency to be too nice and always try to say the right thing. Girls often find this boring in a guy and it doesn’t show your personality.

You should however tell girls ‘the bitter truth’ sometimes. You can also joke and make fun of them (tease them). This is also a great way to flirt with girls and you’ll become more interesting to them. As I said, you don’t have to be a jerk.

7. Not All Girl’s Opinions Matter

As mentioned earlier, not everyone’s going to feel the same way about you. Some girls are always going think you’re a boring guy no matter what you do. That’s okay because personalities are different. No hard feelings.

On the other hand, there will also be girls that like your personality. These are the girls that you need to give your attention to. Think about them instead.

Focusing on the wrong set of girls will only reduce your confidence. You’ll be trying to impress someone that might never be impressed with you. That’s a waste of time if you ask me.

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Conclusion: It’s all up to you

There’s no magic spell in this content to make you a less boring guy to any girl. I’ll always say: don’t live your life to please anyone. These tips here are basic social skill and they shouldn’t necessarily mean a change of personality.

You should however see them as a guide to help you become more interesting. To girls, and also guys.

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