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Having a girl crush is something that can be very exciting and terrifying at the same time. Especially as a shy guy, talking to a girl that you like for the first time can be very nerve-wracking.

The truth here is that it’s easy to talk to any girl for the first time. Convincing yourself that it’s easy is the first step to conquering your fear and making your move as a shy guy.

Reasons Why Guys Get Nervous About Their Girl Crush

Being nervous around your girl crush

There are tons of reasons why shy guys hesitate or feel nervous about making their move on a girl and I’ve listed some that I can relate to:

  • The Confidence Factor: Confidence is what determines your ability to approach a girl that you like for the first time. You often see guys feel that a girl is above their league and this all draws back to a lack of confidence.

This applies most especially to shy guys because their confidence is usually low.

Confidence is one of the first things that any girl (including your crush) will notice about you. Knowing this, you’re right not to make your move if you’re not confident in yourself. This is why you need to work on your confidence FIRST.

I’ve compiled a list of Tips To Help Build Your Confidence And Get Any Girls Attention. Check it out.

  • Fear of Failure: Nobody wants to be caught taking an L. Not even girls and this is why they rarely make their move on a guy (but we’re not ready for this conversation 😏). Fear of failure and confidence go hand in hand against you as a shy guy. This is surely going to affect your game.
  • Lowering Yourself Towards Her: Shyness and low self-esteem are closely related. This is bound to affect how you interact with other people including your girl crush. The good news is that you can get rid of both if you work on your mindset.

When you place her on a high pedestal and label her as “above your league”, you’re destroying your confidence. You’re also destroying your chances with her because girls don’t like being placed too high on a pedestal. No even guys will like that if we’re being honest.

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Tips To Help You Talk To Your Girl Crush For The First Time

Talking to your girl crush

To the order of the day, these are my personal favorite tips that will help you improve your chances with your girl crush when meeting for the first time:

1. Move When She Is Alone

As a shy guy, I’m sure it would be too much of a task for you to make your move in the presence of other people. Their presence can easily mess up your game, trust me.

You might also be interrupting something if she’s with her friends. This is why it’s a safer bet to go when she’s alone. Another scenario that can’t be ignored is if her friend is a hater. That will mess up your game very quickly.

Girls also often behave differently with friends around. This could affect your chances.

2. Start With A Compliment

Girls love compliments and it only works when it’s genuine. When you see her, take note of everything about her and compliment something that you like. It’s really that simple. Do not compliment her body at first, she might find it creepy.

A compliment is probably the best way to start a conversation with anyone. I would also advise complimenting something that you actually like. This can help you with the perfect foundation to move on with the conversation.

“Hi, I like your outfit”, it’s that simple 🤝.

3. Go Straight To The Point

Since you’re meeting her for the first time, you can’t really tell whether she’s in the mood to talk. She might not have time on her hands. This is why it’s a good idea to go straight to the point.

Your mission here should only be to introduce your self and (depending on the situation), have a light conversation. Ask her simple questions like “do you stay around here” or “what do you study”.

Like I said, it depends on the situation so ask about what’s around you two or where you found yourselves. Of course, the end result is to get her number or socials and you move things on from there.

Since you’re trying to make a first impression, keeping the conversation short is your way of reducing possible mistakes and your chances of saying the wrong thing.

4. Pay Attention When She Talks (eye contact)

This is the perfect way to ease the tension off yourself. Ask her questions and let her takeover the conversation. Also ask open ended questions like “what do like to do for fun”.

Here are a list of Open Ended Questions That You Should Try

While she talks, you have to pay attention and show that you’re interested. Genuine interest is attractive and it will help you remember little details about her. When you bring it up later, she’ll appreciate it (even if she doesn’t tell you).

5. Show Your Girl Crush Your Funny Side

Something as simple as a joke can make a very good first impression with any girl. If she approves (with laughter, a giggle or whatever), this will also improve your confidence in the moment and make her interested.

Girls love funny guys. If you show her your funny side at the start you’re already winning.

6. Try To Relax

This is where your confidence comes into play. What always works is to take it as if you’re talking to one of your friends. Remember that she’s just a regular human being and she poops just like the rest of us. That should relax your mind.

Guys make these mistakes when they are crushing on a girl, which is over-analyzing and allowing little things shake them up. Relax, it’s not that deep.

You then go home and have sleepless nights over nothing. The truth is that first meetings are never perfect. If you need a reason to stay calm, know that she might be nervous too and she might like you even more than you think.

These few tips should help improve your chances with any girl that you like. The rest is up to you and how you apply them. We’re all learning so please share your experience in the comments.

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