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Surely you must have heard a thousand girls say that they prefer taller guys in relationships. This happens in reality and online but that’s probably because they haven’t met the right short guy yet 😉. As a short guy, there are tricks that can help you look a more attractive.

With few changes, it’s possible to look better and take attention away from your height. This applies in pictures and in reality.

Confidence Can Help Short Guys Become Attractive

Confidence Is Key To Look Attractive As A Short Guy

This is not among the intended hacks of this post but it’s just as important. How confident you are in yourself and your height will determine how attractive you look. This especially applies when trying to look attractive to a lady.

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The life-hacks in this post are not actually going to make you taller. They can only get you so far when trying to look more attractive as a short guy. The rest depends on you and your confidence level.

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Style Life-hacks For Short Men

The good news here is that short guys can improve their overall appearance with few tweaks. I’d screenshot or jot down the following life-hacks if I were you, they can become ‘life-savers’:

1. Avoid Low Haircuts

High haircuts help short guys look more attractive

Your trim has a huge impact on how you look overall. Now you see why a lot of guys (and girls) don’t joke with their haircuts.

Short guys have a lot of haircut options that look great but low cuts are definitely not one of them. Low cuts can actually make you look shorter. This is why you have to get a cut that leaves your hair at a high level. It also doesn’t have to be too high.

A clean cut that’s higher will make you look taller and they generally improve your facial appearance. Check out Popular Haircuts For Men.

2. Workout/Exercise Is A Must For Short Men

Bitter truth time. If you want to look attractive, you’re going to have to put in the work. Workouts are a good way to make yourself look more attractive irrespective of your height.

It’s a way to improve your posture, get nice looking muscles and also look fit. Ladies also love guys that workout regularly and it shows. If your goal is to look more attractive, then you have to hit the gym.

3. Wear Monochrome Color Combinations

Monochrome (in outfits) simply means wearing one color or different shades of the same color. This includes your top, pants (or shorts) and footwear.

The color of your outfit is also a good way to improve your overall appearance. Monochrome colors are my personal favorites because it’s combinations look attractive. It should also be a huge part of your style as a short guy.

This is a good way for you to look taller and more attractive. Tall guys can also learn a thing or two from this.

Active wear sets are a good way to achieve your monochrome look. Check out some good options from Amazon:

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4. Fitted Trousers Are A Must

One mistake that you can make as a short guy is wearing trousers that are too tight (skinny trousers). Baggy trousers also rarely look good on short people. This is why you have to get your size.

As implied earlier, it’s also a good idea to go for monochrome colors matching your entire fit. This will make you look much better as a short guy.

Another option is for you to workout from home. Here are my personal Home Workout Tips For Beginners.

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5. Own More Long-sleeved Tops

Long-sleeved tops look great on basically anybody, most especially for short guys. It could be shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and other tops.

Wearing long-sleeved tops will also help you look taller. Don’t forget to incorporate more monochrome looks in your style as mentioned earlier ✨.

6. Include Jackets In Your Style

Jackets (like denim or leather jackets) are a golden option for shorts guy. Personally, I can say jackets look better on short guys than taller guys.

One mistake that you shouldn’t make is to get jackets that are oversized or baggy. That is not a good look.

Just like with trousers, fitted jackets are the way to go is you want to look more attractive. Here are some good options from Amazon:

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7. Photo Hack #1: Lower Your Camera Angles

High camera angles are a bad idea if you’re a short guy. It’s only going to make you look shorter. I personally don’t like this irrespective of height.

Lower photo angles take attention away from your height and the photo will look better in general. Try it out, you’ll thank me :).

8. Photo Hack #2: Take More Photos While Sitting Down

Sitting down is a good way to take attention away from your height and look better in pictures. This is a golden tip for shorter guys. Also raise your shoulders up and fix your posture.

Pictures while standing can also look great (using the #8 tip will also help you).

These few tricks are enough to make you look a lot more attractive as a short guy. The rest goes down to your confidence as implied earlier.

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