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Cryptocurrency is rising and it will be wise for you to join this ‘bandwagon’ while it’s still early. When analyzing employment opportunities in the industry, community management might just be the perfect Cryptocurrency Job For Beginners.

The community is very vital for any crypto project or token (new or old). This job is also a great opinion for job-seekers with little experience. I’ll tell you why.

Becoming a community manager (AKA a moderator) is a great way to Make Passive Income From Cryptocurrency. In this article, I’ll try to properly describe the job of a crypto community manager and everything involved.

Job Description Of A Cryptocurrency Community Manager

Cryptocurrency job as a community manager

Cryptocurrency projects make use of social media groups to engage with their community. In this case, a community manager’s job is to moderate and control the community members. He/she is also the link between the developers of the project and the community members. I like to also think of moderators as customer care agents 😃. This provides an opportunity for you to make money online from home with little experience.

With great power comes great responsibility. Community management is very important for the survival of any crypto project. This especially applies to new projects that are just starting out and beginning to get new investors.

The developers (owners) of a crypto project can’t work in the back-end and manage the community at the same time. This is why they hire community managers.

Job Roles Of A Community Manager (Moderator) In Any Cryptocurrency Project

A lot of people make their investments their decisions based on the health of the project’s community. In detail, the moderator/community manager job serves these functions:

  • Creating harmony among the community members. This is essential because things can easily go sideways among cryptocurrency community members.
  • Providing support for new investors/community members. This includes answering questions and providing information about the project. It also includes providing instructions to the community and helping them out.
  • Protecting the projects brand. This includes handling FUD properly. FUD is an acronym for “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt”. This is where a member (or members) of the community create doubt about the project. As the name implies, FUD can create fear among community members. That is obviously bad for business. This is where community managers earns their money.
  • Keeping Conversations Clean: There are lots of things that can make group conversations look ‘unclean’. These include spammers, bots, scammers and troublesome community members. As a moderator, you have to control spammers, scammers and other people with malicious intent.
  • Provide Feedback To The Developers: As mentioned earlier, the developers would work in the back-end most times. This means that they can’t always be aware of what is going on in the community. This is why a moderator has to relay important information back to the developers. This can include bugs in the website, issues that users are facing, and others.
  • As a moderator, more responsibilities can be demanded of you. This can also mean more money for you as well. It all depends on the project in question. For example, some developers might ask you to shill for them.

You’re going to do all these in the social groups of crypto projects that employ you. Most crypto projects use twitter, telegram, discord or reddit.

Cryptocurrency Job Requirements Of A Community Manager

Crypto Community Manager role

As a newbie in this cryptocurrency job, you don’t necessarily have to be afraid. You can become a successful community manager with no experience at the start. You’re bound to learn more on the job. This makes it one of the best crypto job options for beginners. However, here are some skills that are vital for you to succeed:

  • Basic knowledge of cryptocurrency and how it works. This is essential because community members will need answers and guidance. You have to be able to provide it.
  • People Skills. As the name implies, you’re going to be managing people and different personalities. This means you have to be good with people. You should be able to handle angry, happy, scared and worried people. You’re going to come across all of them, and more.
  • Communication Skills: This includes a good command of English. Developers would want community managers that can send messages of good grammar. You should be able to communicate properly in any situation.

As I said, you don’t necessarily need a lot of experience at the start for this role. At the same time, for this job you will need basic knowledge of how cryptocurrency works. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered :).

Here are some Common Crypto Terms That You Should Know.

Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Crypto Community Manager

Just like any other cryptocurrency job, community management comes with it’s ups and downs. It will be a good idea for you to properly analyze these. These will also help you can make your decision.


  • Flexible Hours: Moderators are not required to work throughout the day. You can dedicate a part of your day to your work. You’ll discuss this with your employers when negotiating.
  • A Good Salary. The average earnings of community managers in crypto projects is very decent. It largely depends on the amount of work that’s being done on the job. More responsibilities also means a higher salary for you. Moderators earn between $100 and $5000 monthly. I’ll discuss salary negotiations in my Ebook (later on).
  • A Golden Opportunity To Learn About Crypto. As mentioned earlier, cryptocurrency has become a giant industry in today’s world. It won’t be a bad idea to learn everything you can. As a community manager, you’re going to be in the thick of things. In the process, you’re going learn more about crypto.
  • It’s Global. Cryptocurrency moderator jobs are not restricted by country or location. You can work from anywhere in the world. All you need is a smartphone or computer and an internet connection.
  • The Best Payment Method: This is my favorite part of a crypto community manager job. Most projects pay in cryptocurrency and this is awesome. In a lot of other online jobs, the payment methods put a lot of countries at a disadvantage. Moderator jobs don’t have this problem because crypto is allowed in most countries. You mostly get paid in stable coins like $BUSD or $USDT. You can then exchange these easily to your native currency. You can also discuss other payment methods with your employer.


The cryptocurrency job of a community manager is not all flowers and roses. It also comes with a lot of drawbacks:

  • Scammers. Just like other industries, cryptocurrency has a lot of scammers and fraudulent projects. As a community manager, this can affect you in many ways. For example, you might work for someone for weeks and they run away without paying you. This can also damage your reputation because people may feel that you were in on it.
  • Getting Jobs Can Be Difficult. This is arguably the biggest obstacle that you can face on this job. There are a lot of crypto projects out there but it is increasingly difficult to get moderator jobs. This partly because of trust issues from developers. You can’t blame them. Would you be willing to put your community in the hands of a complete stranger?😅. A lot of moderators are also scammers and rip-off community members. Your negotiating power will determine whether you’ll get hired.
  • Low Job Security. Community manager jobs usually don’t involve an official contract between you and the developers. This means your job is never 100% secure. You’re just going to have to trust your devs. If you’re good at the job, they’re going to want to keep you. There are also a lot of trustworthy developers out there.
  • Your Job Depends On The Market. In a bearish market, a lot of cryptocurrency projects will not survive. A bear market is a situation where there are a lot of losses (price-falls) in token prices. Even when the market is good, a lot of projects also fail to survive in general. This can be because of developers failure, lack of experience, poor marketing, and other reasons. This also means a lot of moderators will lose their jobs. When a project dies, your job dies with it. Then you can look for another project to work for 😉.

How To Become A Crypto Community Manager

At this point you would have made the decision to become take on this particular cryptocurrency job. Your journey here begins by applying to different projects one by one.

New crypto tokens are coming up very frequently. This also means new moderator job openings. All you have to do is send proposals to these projects.

You can find crypto projects on sites like CoinDiscovery and CoinSniper. All you have to do is locate their social media groups. Send your proposal to these groups or to whoever is in-charge.

I’ve discussed how to construct a well-written proposal in my ebook. Look below ⬇️.

Beginner’s Guide To Become A Successful Crypto Community Manager

The life of a crypto mod is not an easy one. This especially to beginners. Luckily, I’m here to help you out 😉.

I’ve published an Ebook “Beginners Guide To Become A Successful Cryptocurrency Community Manager” that will help with this. The ebook contains some vital tips that will give you an edge as an upcoming crypto moderator.

The content of the book includes:

  • ✅How to construct a well written CV to help convince developers to hire you. Cryptocurrency developers don’t give out jobs easily. You’re probably going to have to strategically convince them to hire you. Don’t worry, I got you.
  • ✅Strategies that you can use to improve your chances of getting hired by any crypto project.
  • ✅Things to watch out for before applying for the moderator job in a crypto project. You won’t want to waste your time on projects that simply aren’t worth it.
  • ✅How to negotiate payments and proper negotiation tactics to get the best value for your work. Negotiation is a game and you need to learn how to play it. This will ensure that you earn as much as you can from your cryptocurrency job..
  • ✅How to find fresh new crypto tokens. These are the projects that would most likely be in need of moderators/community managers.
  • ✅How to avoid getting fired as a moderator. Moderators get fired every now and then. I’ll discuss some mistakes that you have to avoid.
  • ✅My experience as a crypto moderator. Including payments and challenges that I faced. All these and more.

All the information here could be yours and it’s only going to cost a little token ($20). This will be used to help in the running of this blog. I promise guys, the ebook is going to be worth every penny.

Become A Successful Crypto Community Manager

About Ebook

You can purchase the Ebook using either of the links below:

I’m not a monster 😅. If you have any questions about the job of a cryptocurrency community manager, ask in the comments. Although it will be easier for you to have all the information in one place (the Ebook). There’s a lot of secrets I’ve learnt in my moderator journey. It’s all in there.

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