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It’s that time of the year and understandably you’re out to get ripped and in shape. It’s possible to hit your chest and arm workouts at home while being effective.

Incorporating chest and arm workouts in the same reps is a great idea. On the other hand, addressing them individually can see you get better results. This is the approach I took here.

I Know you’re eager to get in shape ASAP and hit your gym goals but it’s also good to move at your own pace. At the same time, it’s good to always push your limits and try a bit harder with your chest and arm exercise. These are sure ways to get the best results.

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As sweet as home workouts may seem, it also has some drawbacks:

  • Lack Of Motivation: At the gym, you’re surrounded by motivation in form of other people. The case is different whenever you’re at home. You can easily lose your determination to perform or complete your workout sets. This is why it takes a lot of discipline for anyone to choose to workout at home and succeed. One way to stay motivated is to set goals for yourself and monitor your achievements.
  • No Professional Help: For example, while trying to work your chest and arms, you can’t do it all on your own. You’ll need some form of professional help or tips with workouts. Luckily you have the internet with websites like mine to help you out 😌.
  • Distractions: Every house is flooded with distractions and these can affect your progress. This is where your discipline comes into play, then you can complete your goals.

To help you out, I’ve listed personal favorite Home Workout Tips For Beginners.

Chest And Arm Workouts That You Can Do At Home

Gym equipments may not readily be accessible in your home. This is why I’ve chosen chest and arm home workouts that don’t require weights or any major gear. Even without these equipments, these sets are still very effective. You’ll see and feel results in due time.

Listed below chest and arm workouts at home that should take under an hour to complete. With this, you can also do the sets multiple times in a week. I suggest daily for the best results.

To the order of the day, individual workout sets to help blast through your chest and arms:

Chest Set

  • 1. Push-ups (10X): Remember to always keep your body straight as you go up and down. This is a great chest workout to start with.
  • 2. Knee Push-ups (10X): These are just like regular push-ups. The difference being that your knees will be on the floor and your feet in the air.
Knee push-up chest and arm workouts at home
Knee push-ups
  • 3. Wide-arm Push-ups (10X): Just like regular push-ups. The difference is that you do wide-arm push-ups with your arms spread wider apart.
  • 4. Declined Push-ups (10X): These are similar to regular push-ups. The difference being that your feet should be on an elevated surface. Could be a chair, a bench, steps or other surfaces.
Declined push-up workout
Declined push-ups
  • 5. Shoulder Stretch (20 – 40 seconds): Very important. Repeat for your left and right arms. Keep your stretched arm horizontal and parallel to the ground.
Shoulder stretch chest workout
Shoulder stretch
  • 6. Cobra Stretch (20 – 40 seconds).
Cobra stretch
Cobra stretch
  • 7. Upper-Body Stretch (20 – 40 seconds): One foot forward, one foot back, then you can slowly push your chest outwards.
Upper-body stretch home workout
Upper-body stretch

Side Note: Take 30 – 60 seconds of break between each workout. This could help with your stamina during the sets. Also breathe properly (inhale and exhale) during the sets.

These are chest workout sets for when your starting out. For a better challenge after you adapt, repeat workouts 1-4 two times. After that, you can do the stretches to conclude the set.

Arm Set

  • 1. Arm Circles (20-40 seconds): Do for both clockwise and counterclockwise motions.
Arm circles easy workout at home
Arm circles
  • 2. Push-ups (10X).
  • 3. Skipping (30 seconds): You can do this with or without a rope. It’s the skipping motion that matters.
Skipping exercise
  • 4. Burpees (12X).
Burpees for ripped arm muscles at home
  • 5. Push-ups (15X).
  • 6. 10X Tricep dips: At home, you can do this with a chair. Use whatever surface you want at that level off the ground. Hold the position (picture below) on a chair, then you can slowly move your body up and down with your hands on the edge.
Tricep dips effective in arm workouts
Tricep dips
  • 7. Triceps Stretch: Repeat for both left and right hands. While stretching one arm, use the other to gently pull it.
Important Tricep stretch
Tricep stretch
  • 8. Upper Body Stretch (20-40 seconds): same as with chest workouts.

Just like with the chest sets, you can also repeat arm workouts 1-6 two times for a bigger challenge. After that, you can move on to the stretches.

There you have it, these chest and arm workouts at home are bound to get you ripped and in shape. With these workouts, you also shouldn’t neglect training other parts of your body. Leg day, back day and others are also pretty important. Stay tuned!

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Home workouts can be very effective for you because you’ll have a lot of freedom. There are also a lot of distractions so you have to stay focused.

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