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Becoming a crypto community manager is a top choice for anyone looking to earn passive income online.

I recently made a review on the Job Of A Crypto Community Manager. Analyzing the pros and cons of the job. Despite the drawbacks, no one can deny that the benefits are attractive as well.

A lot of crypto community managers fail at their job and I’m not just saying this to sell more ebooks. A lot of people struggle and give up before getting a single job. The toughness of the job will be worth it when you get to the other side. I speak from experience.

I’ve worked as a community manager for over three years and I’ve gained a lot of experience. I’ve also made a lot of mistakes and learned from them. Things get smoother when you gain more experience.

As a beginner, it’s never easy. The same applies for virtually any job. It’s always good to have case studies to learn from. I’m happy to give out my experience so newbies can learn from it.

Beginners Guide To Success As A Crypto Community Manager

Become a successful crypto community manager

From years of experience as a moderator, there are tricks I’ve learned that has made my life easier. Things to avoid and things that can cost you. It’s all contained in my recently released ebook. The content includes:

1. Tips On Project Selection To Work For

The first step to getting hired is finding a project. It can be tempting and easy to just apply for any random project. However, careful selection can prove to yield better results for you. It’s also good to choose projects that will benefit you as a moderator.

Serious projects last longer and offer better job security to employees. I’ve discussed signs that you can use to select hidden gems among all tokens available in the ebook.

A good way to find new cryptocurrency projects is on CoinDiscovery.

2. How To Improve Your Chances Of Getting Hired As A Community Manager

I’ve had dozens of my proposals rejected by developers over the years. The same will happen to any aspiring crypto moderator. Not every developer will want you.

Over the years, I’ve discovered methods of application that are more effective than others. These helped increase my success rate when applying for jobs.

3. How To Get The Best Payments

After negotiating with tons of different developers, I’ve become better at getting good deals. I’ve shared the tactics I use to get the best possible deal on the ebook.

Payment frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) is also something to consider when negotiating your salary.

4. How To Discover Fraudulent Developers Early

A fraudulent dev is a threat to both the investors and the employees. I’ve worked for a lot of projects and ended up without payment because the devs ran away (rug-pull). That can be painful, trust me.

At the moment, I can smell a scam developer from a mile away. There are early signs that show when a crypto token is shady. I discussed everything in the ebook.

5. How To Secure Your Job Moderator Job

Although the job of a crypto community manager has low security, it’s still possible to protect your job. There are certain actions that can help you stand out and be somewhat indispensable to any token’s developers.

I’ve also discussed habits that can get you fired very quickly. I’ve witnessed tons of my community management colleagues get fired over the years. In the process, I’ve learned from their mistakes.

6. My Experience As A Crypto Community Manager

For starters, my first ever moderator job paid $60 weekly. That alone took me out of the trenches. Years later, the highest payment I’ve gotten is $500 weekly.

I’ve also gotten a bunch of other jobs in this timeframe. Some of them were scams. I’ve shared these stories in the ebook and what I’ve learned from them.

All this information and more is just $20 away. Interested? you can now buy from Paystack Or Selar using the links below ⬇️.

How To Succeed As A Crypto Community Manager

Disclosure: The funds raised from these sales will help in the running of this blog. I would have loved to give it out for free. I’m also willing to answer any related questions about being a community manager. Feel free to hit me up in the comments, contact page or on my socials.

It will be much easier for you to use the ebook. I tried to make it as understandable and straightforward as possible. It’s going to be a great read.

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