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It’s always good to know when a girl is interested in you or not. It’s not always easy to know this, sometimes we only see the signs when it’s too late.

A lot of guys like to “test the waters” before they dive in. This simply means some guys don’t ‘shoot their shot’ on a girl immediately. I like this because you have to know someone (talking stage) to determine whether you actually like them or not.

During the talking stage, this is when you have to look for signs to determine whether she is interested in you or not.

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Reasons Why You Have To Know If She’s Interested (Early)

Find out if a girl is interested in you

A relationship is something that has to be mutual and nothing else. You have to find out if she’s interested so that you don’t put yourself in a one-sided situation. Trust me, that sucks (from experience). Here are some other reasons why you have to know:

  • To Save Your Effort: It will hurt when you put a lot of effort towards a girl that you like only to find out later that she’s not feeling you. This is why it helps to find out early.
  • For Other Opportunities: “There are a lot of fishes in the sea”. Don’t be like Real Madrid who lost out on Eerling Haaland because they put all their focus on Mbappe. When you find out early that she’s not interested, you’ll also move on early and find another girl. The game is the game 🤝.
  • To Protect Your Feelings: As I said earlier, it will be painful to find out that she’s not interested after investing your emotions. This is why you have to know earlier, to avoid heartbreaks.

Sure way of knowing? Just Ask Her!

This might be difficult for you but it’s my best way to know if she’s interested in a me or not. You just have to rip the bandage off.

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Personally I always like when girls are direct and say right away that she’s not interested in a relationship. It may hurt but it will save you a lot of effort and feelings as I mentioned earlier.

How To Know If A Girl Not Interested In You – The Signs

Signs that show that a girl is not interested

A lot of girls will find it hard to tell you straight up that she’s not interested and it’s understandable. She may not want to break your heart or she wants you as a friend. Fair enough 😏.

This is why they don’t tell you directly but they send the signs. In this situation, you have to figure it out by yourself and here are some signs that will show you that she’s not interested:

1. She Will Rarely Reach Out To You If She Is Not Interested

As I said earlier, a relationship is something that has to be mutual and this includes the effort. If you figure out that you’re obviously the one reaching out to her most times, this is a sign.

When a girl likes a guy, she’ll want to talk or chat with this person. You do your part and reach out whenever you can but if it’s not reciprocated, it’s a sign that she’s not interested.

This can be through calls or text messages. If it seems like you’re the one always calling or you’re the one always texting back. It might be a sign.

In this situation, I always advise guys to draw back, don’t reach out to her and see what happens. That’s the ultimate interest test.

2. She Won’t Want To Hang Out With You (Alone)

Obviously. If a girl likes you, she’ll definitely want to spend time with you and be around you physically. It’s the opposite when she’s not interested.

If you ask a girl out and she always makes excuses not to come, it could be her way of telling you that she’s not interested. She does this hoping that you take the hint.

3. She Normally Replies Late; You’re Not Among Her Priorities

Texting is a game and girls know how to play it, maybe more than guys. If you text her regularly and you notice that she doesn’t reply early most times, it shows that you’re not one of her priorities. You know what that means.

I’m stressing the word “normally” because there are legitimate reasons why a girl may not be able to reply fast. She might be busy or whatever. But when she makes it a habit towards you, it shows that she’s not interested. It’s as simple as that.

4. Boring Conversations Might Mean She Is Not Interested

It may sound funny but some girls will intentionally make their conversations with you to show you that she’s not interested. Via text/chats, this includes one-worded replies and a dull energy from her.

This is her way of trying to wave you off. With that being said, also note that some girls are bad at texting or holding conversations. You should be able to tell the difference between a bad texter and someone that isn’t interested.

5. Observe Her Friends

Girls talk to their close friends about everything and this includes guys that they like or are interested in. If a girl likes you, your name will come up in their conversations.

When a girl likes you and her friends know this, they’ll not be able to hold it in or keep it a secret. Getting close to her friends can show you the signs that you need to see. Or you could just ask them😉.

6. She Avoids You

If you like a girl, there’s a good chance that she already knows. If a girl is not interested, she’ll likely not want to be around you because she’s aware of your interest.

To avoid am awkward situation for herself, she’ll likely try to stay away.

7. She Doesn’t Enjoy Your Conversations

This is easier to notice in person (physically). When a girl is not interested in you or doesn’t like you, she likely won’t pay attention to most of what you’re saying. She’ll also look disinterested or distracted most of the time.

When a girl likes a guy, obviously she’ll want to hear whatever you have to say. It’s the opposite in a situation where she’s not interested. You can also tell if she’s interested by the look on her face and her demeanor.

8. She Doesn’t Want To Know You More

When a girl likes a guy, she’ll definitely want to know more about you. This will also help make your conversations flow better and be more exciting. When she’s not interested, she won’t feel the need to know more about you.

9. She Doesn’t Give You ‘Green Lights’

Girl’s communicate their feelings in a different way from guys. Unlike guys who will rather be more direct, girls send signs called ‘green lights’ and hopes that you pick them up.

If you don’t get any clear signs from her, this likely means that she’s not into you. Some popular ‘green lights’ that girls use include:

  • Eye contact: If you find yourself locking eyes with a girl often, it’s clear that she’s observe you and it might be one of her signs. She will also often look away when you catch her glance.
  • Physical touch: Girls use physical touch with a guy as a love language. Thats why if a girl strictly avoids physical contact with you, it’s either she’s not interested or she might be a nun 😅. These are just two of the many “green lights” that girls give out when they are interested.
What To Do Next?

After figuring out her lack if interest, it would be best for you to draw back and leave her alone or just continue as friends (if you can🥶). Bringing up romantic feelings might make her even less interested.

It’s actually relieving to know when she’s not interested because you can now move on. Check out my personal favorite Tips To Help You Get Confidence and Get Any Girls Attention.

This will also improve your chances of getting the next girl (If you decide to move on).

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