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As a human being in general it’s very easy to get addicted to something that you obviously enjoy. Male addictions aren’t helped by the fact that we live in a technological generation where you can do things easier than ever before.

Two Bitter Truths About Addiction

  • Denial

It’s actually very difficult for someone to admit being addicted to something and that part is important because it’s the first step to getting better.

A lot of people only discover addiction when it’s too late. By “too late”, I mean when things have gotten to a bad state depending on the particular addiction.

  • It’s Easy To Start And Difficult To Stop

We don’t get addicted to something that we hate or don’t enjoy. This is why most of the time it’s super easy to get addicted to something and on the flip side it’s also difficult to stop.

List Of Male Male Addictions

A lot of people begin their addiction journey by believing that they can stop whenever they want. The truth is that it’s not that simple.

1. Gambling

As funny as it sounds, gambling remains one of the easiest ways to make money in the world today but it’s also one of the easiest ways to lose money as well. Gambling addiction does a lot of harm both mentally and sometimes physically.

Another funny fact is that the system of the world today is pushing more people towards the direction of gambling and not everyone has self control. Chasing money can easily make gambling a male addiction. Who wouldn’t want to make money from something as simple as predicting a match score-line.

A lot of people have harmed themselves and have committed suicide when their gambling adventure didn’t go their way. Another effect of gambling that can’t be ignored is that it increases your stress levels and in a lot of cases it also disconnects you from people around you. It can easily take over your life.

2. Porn

Male addictions

This is one of the male addictions that surely a lot of guys can relate to. In today’s world, it’s easier for the average teenager to see more n#ked women and men than all his fore-fathers combined.

This makes it easy for someone to get addicted to such and it definitely causes a lot of harm. One thing porn does is that it takes over your mind and also your focus. Addicted people often get distracted and find it hard to focus.

Are you addicted to p#rn? Here Are My Personal Tips That Can Help You Stop

3. Masturbation

This goes hand in hand with porn and you can expect that they both have negative effects on people. As funny as it sounds, a lot of doctors will tell you that masturbation doesn’t have negative effects on health and factually that’s true (although I’m no doctor :).

If we’re talking about the negative effects of masturbation, one thing that can’t be ignored is that it can easily change the way you look at women. Slowly you begin to see women more as sexual objects and this will definitely affect your relationship with women in your life.

Among male addictions, masturbation can also affect your sex life. Getting used to to being aroused by certain sensations (you know what I mean) can affect the way you react to the real thing. Masturbation can also take over your mind and affect your concentration to the point where you no longer have time or motivation to be productive and go after your life goals.

4. Money

I’m not even going to lie that money isn’t important. Anyone that says money can’t buy happiness probably hasn’t made enough money. Maybe they haven’t been at the point where they can’t afford something that their heart desires.

There are a lot more things in life that are equally satisfying as money. Being addicted to money can make you miss out on them. Addiction to money can also affect you mentally because you beat yourself up when you face shortcomings. Some people also cut themselves off from others in the process.

As important as money is, it’s not worth you killing yourself over it. As funny as it sounds, it’s easier to make money when you’re not obsessing over it.

You make more rational decisions when you’re calm and when you plan.

5. Drugs (Obviously lol)

As a person, I’m always against anything that messes with your mind. People use drugs to escape from life situations but embracing life as it is will do you more good than messing up your brain with those drugs.

There are a lot of health complications involved but addiction to drugs can also affect you in more ways.

Financially, drugs can easily send you into bankruptcy. It is designed to make you crave it more when your batch runs out and it’s not cheap. Yeah, you’re on your way into debt because of a few hours of highness.

Another fact is that you’re robbing yourself of opportunities. A lot of people will agree with me that it’s easy to spot a drug addict from a mile away. Business wise, a lot of people intentionally will refuse to work with a drug addict. It can also affect your job because it affects your focus and takes up your time.

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