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Girls can be very secretive with their feelings especially when it involves romance. This is why it’s pretty difficult – as a guy – to know when a girl likes you or is in love with you.

It can be quite difficult to know when a girl likes you. As much as they try to hide it, they’ll also want you to know that they like you. This is when the signs begin to show. Body language and signs are the ways to tell that a girl likes you.L

The Difficulty Of Knowing When A Girl Likes You

Life would have been much easier if girls “shoot their shots” as much as guy. Some girl’s won’t be too quick to expose their feelings for these reasons:

Girls hide their feelings from guys they like
  • Fear Of Rejection: Girls fear being rejected just as much as guys (if not more). These is why they use signs because it’s a way to show that they like you and also protect their feelings at the same time. The downside here is that it all depends on if the guy can pick up these signs.
  • Society: As we all know, it has become a norm in society that guys do the chasing in relationships. This is why girls usually expect the guy to make the first move while her job is to throw the signs. It usually works so I doubt if it’s going to stop any time soon.
  • Lack Of Experience: As I said, girls are used to guys doing all the chasing which is why a lot of them don’t have game. Game here means the ability to make their move on a guy. Throwing signs and body language to a guy that you like is much easier so we can’t really blame them 😅.
  • Shyness: Shy people in general find it hard to express their feelings. Same with guys, shy girls will hide their feelings and hope that a guy that she likes makes the first move.
  • Fear Of Looking Needy: The last thing some girls would want is to be perceived as being too needy or desperate . This is why a girl might make subtle moves whenever she likes a guy.

The good news for you ladies is that a lot of guys enjoy the chase. From my experience, it makes things a lot more interesting and I’m sure you enjoy it as well. Do Girls Like To Be Chased?

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How Do You Know When A Girl Likes you?

How to know when a girl likes you

Here are my personal favorite things that girls would do when they are in love with you. This is how to know if a girl likes you:

You Catch Her Staring

When a girl is likes you, she simply will mot be able to keep her eyes away from you for long. If you’re observant, you’ll surely catch her staring from time to time.

When you catch her gaze, she’ll either look away awkwardly or she’ll give out a smile/blush. These are ‘code red’ types of signs that shows that she wants you.

Girls also do this hoping that you catch them staring. That’s a love language that a lot of girls like to use to communicate their feelings.

She’ll Always Want To Help You Out

Acts of service is another love language that girls use no matter how small it may be. It could be help in school, work or to help you pay for something. She’ll always be up to the task.

When a girl likes you, she’ll always be willing to help you with whatever you’re doing or whatever you want.

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She’ll Pretend To Like Whatever You’re Interested In

It’s safe to say that the average guy has different interests to the average girl. It could be a hobby that you engage in or even a type of music.

A girl will naturally want to have something in common with you if she likes you. This is why she will be interested in whatever you’re interested in. Even though it may be extremely boring to her on the inside.

This is an effort to make you like her,

She’ll Be Shy Around You

Any girl will find it hard to be 100% coordinated around a guy that she likes. She’ll definitely be nervous and it will show no matter how hard she tries to hide it.

Blushing is also another sign of shyness when a girl is feeling you.

She’ll Laugh At Your Lame Jokes

You should already know whether you’re a funny person or not. Well, that would not matter to a girl that likes you. You automatically become the funniest guy in the world.

In an effort to make you like her back, a girl will laugh at your jokes no matter how bad they are. She’ll also do this because she wouldn’t want to offend you by not laughing. No matter how dry your jokes are.

She’ll Always Wants To Look Good Around You

A girl that is likes you will want to impress you with her looks. This is why she’ll always want to look her best whenever you’re going to be around her.

From her makeup to her outfit, she’ll always want to look on-fleek around you hoping that you notice. Same with guys, we always want to look our best when a crush is going to be present:

She’ll Become Friends With Your Friends

Similar to being interested in your interests, a girl in love will also want to make friends with your’s. This is an effort by her to be around you more often.

It’s also an effort to try to know more about you as said in the next point.

She’ll Want To Know More About You

When a girl is in love with you, she’ll want to know everything there is to know about you. From your birthday to your favorite color, favorite food, hobbies, likes and dislikes.

This means she’s interested in you as a person. She’ll also want to see if you have things in common to prepare for what to talk about with you.

Her Friends Also Show Signs

A girl’s friends will always be reliable when trying to know if she is in likes you or not. They discuss everything including crushes and if she likes you, her friends will know most of the time.

This will most likely affect their behavior towards you. Sometimes, the friends will be more interested in you. Their behavior towards you might change.

She’ll Pay Attention To Whatever You Have To Say

A girl that likes you will be interested in whatever you have to say. In a group setting (for example), her attention will always be 100% whenever you’re saying anything. The same also counts when you’re talking to her.

This is a good way to know whether a girl likes you or not. If she looks distracted or not interested when you speak, it’ll be clear that she’s not really feeling you.

She’ll Want To Be Around You

As I implied in her befriending your friends, a girl that likes you will want to be around you when possible. This is for one reason which is for you to notice her.

While waiting for you to make your move, a girl that likes you will try to make your job easier by being around you. This is also an attempt by her to look for signs whether you like her.

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She’ll Get Jealous Easily

Any girl that likes you will want you all to herself. This is why she’ll easily get jealous if you hang out or spend time with other girls.

Noticing this jealousy is tricky but most times it’ll be obvious.

Other than signs that show when a girl likes you, there are also Signs That Show When She Is Not Interested In You. It would be a good idea to become familiar with both.

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